Blue Shine – A great Symbian theme for Nokia E71, E72, S60v3 Eseries devices

by Mike Macias on May 2, 2011

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After writing about the Nokia E6 a few weeks ago I realized there are still plenty of E71 and E72 users who probably feel neglected in the smartphone community since the focus now is on newer touchscreen smartphones with high-end specs and big screens. Today I’ll show you a theme that really caught my eye, made especially for S60v3 Eseries devices. I’ll be using the E72 starting later this week for a small experiment I’m doing, which I’ll discuss at the end of this article. For now check out Blue Shine by Mandeep.

blue shine theme big Blue Shine   A great Symbian theme for Nokia E71, E72, S60v3 Eseries devices

Blue Shine by Mandeep for Symbian S60v3 Eseries devices

If you have been following me for a few years you’d know that my favorite Symbian themes were always ones that included tehkSeven icons. Tehk was an awesome Symbian themer who gave it up about a year ago and we truly miss him on Symbian^3 devices. This theme called Blue Shine by Mandeep features tehkSeven icons and a nice blue background. This theme was created over a year ago but still has a very modern look to it. The artist reports this theme was made just for Eseries devices so almost all of the elements should be included. Mandeep says,

blue shine e71 Blue Shine   A great Symbian theme for Nokia E71, E72, S60v3 Eseries devices

All additional E-Series icons and E-series Application like Contacts, Calender,Email,Home screen email Pop up’s are changed and customized.In other words every part of this theme very deeply worked to give you perfect theme.

This theme is Fully supported by all S60v3 FP1,S60v3 FP2 mobiles like N95,N82,N73,N85,N96 and all other phones.

Click here to visit the download page.

Mike goes S60

Mobile Fanatics writer Alvin Wong has done a great job of catering to S60v3 users with recent articles such as “A look at Opera Mobile 11 on S60v3 and S60v5 devices” and “S60v3 in 2011: Living the uber-connected life with a non-touch Symbian device“. Personally, I’m a huge N8 fan and have been using the E7 for the past month so my primary focus has been the Symbian^3 experience in preperation for my E7 review. Once that is completed I have decided to run a little experiment on myself and see how I get by using a brand new and beautiful Nokia E72 – the white version. I’ll be documenting my issues, the apps I use, and the comments I get from friends and family about my device of choice. Follow me at to see my live experiences or stay tuned for my article next week! 

For now, enjoy this great Symbian S60v3 theme.

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  • Xsever

    Thank you for sharing such a nice theme and website!

    • Mike Macias

      You are very welcome! I’m looking forward to my time with the Nokia E72 soon. Which device are you using right now?

  • Fabiola Rivera

    Thank you! I was looking for a long time a theme that I could actually download and this one is just perfect!! do you know about other websites with good themes that won’t collapse the phone? (I’m using an E71!)

    • Mike Macias

      You are welcome. That website I linked to has some great themes. Back in the day when I ran I showcased lots of themes, all of which worked great. View my articles here:

      • Fabiola Rivera

        wow! great!! so excited!

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