How To: Sign apps that are unsigned for Nokia N8 and Symbian devices

by Mike Macias on February 8, 2011

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symbian os 320x240 How To: Sign apps that are unsigned for Nokia N8 and Symbian devicesI recently found an application that I really wanted to use on my Nokia N8. Problem is, it is unsigned.Thanks to Rita (@khouyrt) for this awesome tutorial I was able to sign the application by acquiring a certificate for my phone.

Below is the tutorial that she was nice enough to send me, and now I’m sharing with you. I followed this method exactly as it states and didn’t have any problems. You shouldn’t either.

How to sign applications for the Nokia N8, Nokia E7, Nokia C7, Symbian devices

1. Go here:…..n=register and register for a new account (i did it a long time ago, so not sure if there’s a confirmation email or something of the sorts)
2. Go here after u’ve done registering:…..tion=login and login.

Now this is what you need to do everytime u get a new device that you want to get a certificate for:

3. Go here:…..;action=my this is your landing page for all certificates you’ve already applied for.
4. Click Apply Cer up top in orange. Input the new device’s IMEI, model, description and Submit.
5. Check every day the certificate landing page it sometimes takes 12-15 hours, sometimes 3-4 days for the certificate to be ready. My usual experience is around a day, a day and a half. Only once did I have to wait about 10 days, they were going through a rough patch I think.
6. When the certificate is ready, you’ll see it under the Operate column. Download the .cer and .key files. Transfer them to your phone.

And now for the signing part:

7. Install FreeSigner (attached file, doesn’t need signing) to your phone. It will need you to set your phone’s date to an older date (probably around mid-2009, not sure) as the app itself was signed with an older certificate.
8. Open FreeSigner, Options, Settings, Sign Cert (not Self Sign Cert) and browse to the .cer file you got from OPDA, also Sign Key (not Self Sign Key) and browse to the .key you got from OPDA. Then click back.
9. Now Add Task, browse to the unsigned file you want to sign, Options, Add, Sign Sis. You can multiple select if you want. Once you’re done adding the files you want to sign, click Back.
10. You’ll see all the files you added below Add Task. Click Options, Go!

11. Your signed app is now in the same folder as the unsigned one, you can install it from the File Manager.

If you follow those steps exactly you shouldn’t have a problem. This used to be a crucial part of owning a Symbian phone but now you can find most apps in the Ovi Store that have already been signed. Occasionally you will still come across an application that isn’t signed and this certificate will give you and your device complete freedom.

Let me know if it works for you!

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  • Jerzy Jarmasz

    What was the app? It must have been relatively interesting if you had to go through the bother of signing it…

    • Matrixmainframe

      Why are people on these Nokia websites always so willing to enter their IMEI on a website when it could be used to block your phone for any number of dodgy reasons and especially a Chinese website!!

  • Anonymous

    just wondering is it safe to enter your IMEI number on a website like this??

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