Poll: What smartphone do you use daily?

by Mike Macias on May 28, 2011

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I’m curious to see what phone all of the readers here at Symbian Fanatics use daily. Have you moved on to Android or iOS? Are you still using a older, yet reliable S60v3 device like the Nokia E71 or N82? Maybe the Nokia 5800 still does what you need. Many have made the jump to Symbian^3 with the Nokia N8, E7, or C7 Astound. Maybe you carry two phones with you all the time!

Since I intended this poll for the Symbian Fanatics audience I’ve included three versions of Symbian in the choices along with the other big smartphone brands. Still vote even if you’re not a Symbian Fanatics reader! Whatever your main device is let me know in the quick poll below!

Choose up to 2 devices

Thanks for voting!

P10209491 640x480 Poll: What smartphone do you use daily?

A few Symbian devices from my collection

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  • Anonymous

    no love for the n900 in there, eh?

    i actually keep 3 phones on my person: E7, PrePlus, N900. From each I have a specific set of functionality I enjoy. The N900 I use more as a tiny linux laptop than as a phone, though it handles 100% of my VoIP calls.

    • Mike Macias

      I can’t believe I forgot Maemo when I wrote the poll. Lots of votes in the ‘other’ category for that device.

  • kevin

    E71 FTW, been using it since it came out, thing is a tank, have replaced the housing twice now…although I’d like to upgrade soon to the E7 or E6…but man…that EDoF camera is really still holding me back…

    • Kbdavies

      I find E6 not good enough. Had a pre production version for about 2 mths and i used it daily. I found the menu confusing, the touchscreen was slow and laggy, no clear SIP support (though i believe this would be addressed on the final version), PIM implementation was horrendous, etc, and just generally to fussy to use. Basically, Symbian Anna is not all that its cracked up to be.
      When it was sent back, i found i didn’t miss it at all, and defaulted back to my previous workhorses – E51 and E71. I also use an E72, but i find that though its easier to use, it is less reliable, and the RAM issues make it a pain to use properly.

  • Bing

    i love n8 wish wanna buy it though but since the battery is not user replaceable and it’s kind of a pricy phone it’s going to be a deal breaker.

  • Lisa O.

    Nokia E71.Been using Nokia phones all my life.LOL.Would love to upgrade to hybrid phone (QWERTY + touch-screen).I dislike fully touch-screen phone.Sigh.I wish Liveprofile is Symbian friendly.

  • Vespasian71

    Had the Astound for roughly a month.  A few minor software glitches that I hope Symbian Anna will fix at the end of August, but love the phone otherwise.

  • David N

    E71 and have encouraged several friends to purchase also.
    Found a problem here in NZ telecom’s XT network needs e71-3 for 850Mb band.
    Vodafone use 900Mb and all e71 work OK

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